Floor systems for timber construction and renovation

Dry screed systems with underfloor heating and sound insulation

In conjunction with the environmentally friendly sound insulating dry screed Phone Star, with the under floor heating PowerFloor and the new  Wolf decoupling plate, system floors are realized, which set new standards in the combination of sound insulation, heating, height, weight and overall costs.

PhoneStar solves sound problems

Sound absorbing dry screed and sound insulation board - one board one system

PowerFloor Exclusiv Floor heating

Floor heating with integrated sound insulation board - two solutions one system

PhoneStar with certification

European technical certification                                        German Institute of structural engineering

What is PhoneStar? - The video shows the answer

Indoor sound insulation with the PhoneStar sound insulation board.

Video lasts one minute.

More videos at the media library.

Examples of sound insulation with PhoneStar and PowerFloor

OFH / MFH                      Hotel                              Concert Hall                Film Studio                    Recording Studio

Industry                           Protective Wall              Aggregate                    Container                     Confessional Box

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Floor heating with sound insulation and dry screed

PowerFloor Slimline is the ultra-light and slim floor heating with a thickness of 20 mm.


Award for the PhoneStar sound insulation board





Under the patronage of the German Federal Minister for Transport,

Building and Urban Development, the PhoneStar TRI was awarded

during BAU 2011 in Munich.

Sound Insulation Planning Guide- about 100 constructions

Detailed descriptions of about 100 examples of sound insulation constructions:


  • Concrete floors
  • Wooden floors
  • Solid walls
  • Stud walls
  • Ceilings


Klick here to watch the sound insulation planning guide.


Sound insulation on TV - Old building renovation

The German broadcasting showed the following on the TV series "Einfach genial" (~ simply brilliant):


Sonic restoration of an old farmhouse and the measure of the airborne- and impact sound insulation findings by the acoustician Matthias Zörb..

Klick here to watch the video "Einfach Genial".

Federal Court of Justice DIN 4109

The Federal Court of Justice asserted that the DIN 4109 has partial lost his contractual meaning of the sound insulation in the house building. Among other things the minimum requirements are not consistent with the technical norms. Architects, companies and specialised retailer have to consider legal sound insulation demands more sensitive to avoid later warranty claims. On the other side builder-owners have considerably higher rights to adequate sound insulation.

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