PhoneStar - Ceiling

The detailed PhoneStar Installation Instructions must be observed before you can install the boards.


To improve impact and airborne sound insulation PhoneStar should be screwed onto a substructure. The substructure (lathing of wood or better resilient bars) has to be screwed at a distance of 31.5 cm to wooden beams or solid ceiling. Spaces are filled in with mineral wool. PhoneStar is screwed into the substructure and is planked with plasterboard.
The direct attachment of the PhoneStar on the ceiling is possible.

Types of mounting on ceilings

The following Chart shows the types of mounting on ceilings.

Examples of PhoneStar on the floor constructions

You can find 10 floor installations with PhoneStar for concrete floors and 4 kinds of wood floors, ordered by the panel thickness from 10 - 79 mm. 

Planning folder of sound insulation
Planning folder of sound insulation

Detailed descriptions of about 100 examples of sound insulation onstructions


  • Concrete floors
  • Wooden floors
  • Solid walls
  • Stud walls
  • Ceilings


Klick here to watch the  sound insulation planning guide

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