PhoneStar - Cutting

Here you will find an overview about editing the PhoneStar sound insulation boards.
Edit the PhoneStar sound insulation board is easy -  cutting with jigsaw or circular hand saw - mask with Wolf tape - done. Soundproofing for professionals made easy.

The detailed PhoneStar installation instructions
must be observed before you can start the installation of PhoneStar.


Measure and mark cutting line

Process on stable work surface - adhere to occupational safety!

Cut boards

Jigsaw with metal or ceramic saw blade,

circular hand saw with "Widia" blade and suction.

If necessary, refill sand after cutting.

Mask boards

Only mask cut edges with Wolf Tape.

Leave at least 2cm of the Wolf Tape on the corners.

Cover corners

Fold the remaining tape on the corners down

and press the excess tape on the sides down

onto the board surface.

Push down the tape along the length of the board

Press down the Wolf Tape remaining on the side lengthwise.


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