PhoneStar - Laying

The detailed PhoneStar Installation Instructions must be observed before you can install the boards.

The substrate has to be stable, dry, clean and flat.
For the isolation of wall bases and upward building components during the laying of PhoneStar boards you should fix an edge isulation strip.
PhoneStar boards lay in sluggish bond end to end - label side up.



Floating final covering - all layers in the floor structure can be lain in a floating manner.

Glued final covering - this variation requires PhoneStar boards to be glued to the substructure or for at least two layers of PhoneStar that are glued to one another to be lain.



Wolf Protectice Fleece or wood fibre below PhoneStar improves the impact sound insulation.

PhoneStar on the floor 2-ply laying

Place the PhoneStar boards in a staggered manner, with each other offset by at least 10 cm. Avoid cross joints. Edges must be tightly placed next to each other. When laying the second PhoneStar layer, ensure that the edges of the first layer are covered (fully on the joint).

Gluing PhoneStar on the floor

You can use the Wolf System Glue for wood grounds and gluing 2 layers of PhoneStar.

For any other ground you should use the system glue.

Klick here to read the Installation Instructions Floor.

Apply Wolf System Glue into the under side of the board (side without label and smoother surface).

Apply Wolf System Glue along the outer edges approx. 1-2 cm from the edge of the board.

Tip: Use the inner line of the outer board edges

  • which were masked with Wolf Tape
  • as a means of orientation.

Apply Wolf System Glue across the entire board surface in intervals of approx. 10 cm.

After the glue has been applied, place the PhoneStar boards on the subsurface and press them down.


  • Critical points, such as uneven PhoneStar boards, must be weighed down when being glued on.
  • Do not apply the glue across the entire PhoneStar boards surface!

Overview of the final coverings

The following overview shows the possible final coverings on PhoneStar.


System installation of final coverings:


Laminate-, Parquet- und Corc-Click-Systems

All sorts of parquet

Multilayered parquets with groove and tongue

PVC, carpet, linoleum, gum and coconut

Natural stone, flagging

Examples of PhoneStar on the floor constructions

You can find 10 floor installations with PhoneStar for concrete floors and 4 kinds of wood floors, ordered by the panel thickness from 10 - 79 mm.

Planning folder of sound insulation
Planning folder of sound insulation

Detailed descriptions of about 100 examples of sound insulation constructions


  • Concrete floors
  • Wooden floors
  • Solid walls
  • Stud walls
  • Ceilings


Klick here to watch the sound insulation planning guide.

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