PowerFloor Slimline- Laying

The detailed PowerFloor Installation Instructions must be observed before you can start the installation of PhoneStar.


The substrate must be dry, stable, clean and flat.

Installation instruction PowerFloor Slimline floor heating

To all rising parts of a building fix edge insulation strips.
Power Floor Exclusive elements according to the installation plan lay and stick on the ground.
Start in every room with the red-marked element.

Layout drawing
Layout drawing
Example of laying
Example of laying

After the installation of the PowerFloor elements you should complete the border areas. Then you must click the bonded pipe onto the heating circuit from the contributor and should be connected by a specialist.
For further details please refer to the detailed instructions for installation.

Floor applications with PowerFloor Slimline

PowerFloor Slimline can be obstructed on wood or solid floors.

You can find an overview of the possible floor applications in the following chart.

Final covering for PowerFloor

There are many possibilities to cover the PowerFloor:

Parquet, Flaggings, natural stones

Linoleum etc.


If you want further information, klick here PowerFloor Slimline  Installation Instructions.

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