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Wolf Bavaria GmbH is a company based in Germany, D-91560 Heilsbronn near Nuremberg. Wolf Bavaria develops, manufactures and markets innovative sound insulation products and floor heating systems with and without integrated sound insulation. The brands are PhoneStar and PowerFloor. The sound insulation products are produced by an innovative method using environmental, friendly materials. Wolf products are used in private, public and industrial areas.

Translated the idea into success

The family of the PhoneStar sound insulation boards was developed by the well-tried idea using sand for sound insulation.The consumer demanf for a combination of good sound insulation and a floor heating creates the PowerFloor exclusive foor heating.


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Wolf Bavaria GmbH
Gutenbergstraße 8
91560 Heilsbronn

Phone: 09872 953980
Fax:     09872 9539811

Mail:     info@wolf-bavaria.com



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