Sound Insulation Planning Guide

The sound insulation planning guide includes about 100 examples of sound insulation constructions.

Sound Insulation Planning Guide
Sound Insulation Planning Guide

You can order the printed version of the planning guide - see below.

Sound insulation of floors - examples of construction

Here you can see 10 floor constructional systems with PhoneStar on concrete floor - and 4 sorts of wooden floors. On the whole there are 50 constructions with graphics and sound insulation datas, ordered by installation height of 10 - 70 m.

Concrete Floor

Wooden Floor

Sound insulation of walls - examples of construction

Additional sound insulation of solid walls and stud walls constructed with good sound insulation can be found here.


Solid Wall

Metal and wooden stud Wall

Sound insulation of ceilings - examples of construction

An additional sound insulation on the ceiling achives amazing sound insulation improvements.

Solid Ceiling

Wooden Ceiling - 4 types

Order sheet of Sound Insulation Planning Guide

If you are interessted, we will send you to the sound insulation planning guide by post.
Even better, we will bring the planning guide personally if we arrange an appointment with you.

Take advantage of our experience in the field of sound insulation and be inspired.

Sound Insulation Planning Guide
Sound Insulation Planning Guide
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