PowerFloor Heating

PowerFloor is an underfloor heating with exclusive aluminum heat deflector for quick and even heat distribution.
Drying times of a wet screed omitted and the heat is transferred much faster than a wet system. Short reaction times in heating demand and reduction help to reduce energy costs. The dry construction method allows the immediate application of the final covering. Long drying time is eliminated.

The dimensions of the straight and deflected PowerFloor boards are 1000x500 m.
After receipt of order Wolf Bavaria makes an individual installation plan for each room.

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PowerFloor Exclusive underfloor heating


PowerFloor Exclusive is an underfloor heating with integrated PhoneStar impact and airborne sound insulation. More opportunities in only one product - only 35 mm panel thickness.

PowerFloor Slimline


the slim and ultra-light underfloor heating with only 20 mm panel thickness.


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