Wolf Special Products

... complement the both main line of the products PhoneStar and PowerFloor.



Masking of the cut edges

on PhoneStar boards.






Wolf Tape

For the gluing of PhoneStar and PowerFloor boards

on plank, particleboard or OSB substructures.

Gluing several layers of PhoneStar togehter.


Wolf System Glue



Direct mounting of PhoneStar on solid walls.






Wolf System Dowel



For the reinforcement of filler layers over PhoneStar boards with glued end flooring.






Wolf Reinforcement Fabric


Additional insulation layer beneath the PhoneStar boards for the improvement of sound insulation characteristics. Underlay for PhoneStar boards for slightly uneben floors.



Wolf Protective Fleece


Isolation layer for solid parquet flooring, can also be used alternatively for multi-layered glued parquet flooring, has the advantage of not destroying the layer of PhoneStar boards beneath it if the parquet is replaced.


Wolf Gap Mat




Joint sealant for wall, floor and ceiling connections.


Wolf Joint Filler




Wolf Parquet Glue






Wolf Scraper B11



For the isolation of wall bases and upward building components during the laying of PhoneStar boards.



 Wolf Edge insulation strip






 Mounting of plasterboard in PhoneStar when mounted with substructure.



Plaster in plaster screw






Mounting of plasterboard in PhoneStar assembly without substructure, in connection with Wolf System Glue.


Drywall screw gypsum fibre



Mounting of PhoneStar in metal substructure.



Drywall screw metal




Mounting of PhoneStar in wooden substructure.



Drywall screed wood

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