Wooden Ceiling - DHB

Examples of sound insulation construction - DHB

The Phonestar boards can achieve significant airborne and impact sound improvements for the following types of ceiling.



DHB DeckeHolzBrettstapel (CeilingWoodBrettstapel)

Output value impact sound L'n,w,R=76 dB

Output value airborne sound R'w,R=42 dB

The figure above is shown with Phonestar retrofitting.
Please consider the notes at the end of this chapter.

Impact and airborne sound insulationg - DHB

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Installation in mm





Installation Layer


Resilient bars



Sound insulation

Airborne - Impact sound insulation

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52,5 mm

DHB L 1.1


Battens 50x30 mm

PhoneStar TWIN

Drywall 12,5 mm

R´w,R=48 dB

L´n,w,R=70 dB

57,5 mm

DHB L 1.2


Battens 50x30 mm

PhoneStar TRI

Drywall 12,5 mm

R´w,R=50 dB

L´n,w,R=68 dB

49,5 mm

DHB H 1.1


Resilient bars

PhoneStar TWIN

Drywall 12,5 mm

R´w,R=55 dB

L´n,w,R=61 dB

54,5 mm

DHB H 1.2


Resilient bars

PhoneStar TRI

Drywall 12,5 mm

R´w,R=58 dB

L´n,w,R=58 dB

The specified impact and airbone sound insulation are primarily a comparison of the installations and may vary in individual cases.


* Please note the following information of the given sound insulation datas and other techincal




If there are high airborne sound insulation datas of the construction and low impact sound pressure levels which are measured in the underneath room, the sound insulation will be better.

(Encouragement by "Normhammerwerk").


Upgrading impact and airborne sound insulation

Further improvements can be achieved through targeted floor constructional systems BHB.

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