Sound insulation dry screed PhoneStar - one board one system

You can find the following 4 grounds in 10 constructional systems with PhoneStar sound insulation boards.

Impact and airborne sound insulation - Wooden Floor

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Please consider the notes at the end of this chapter.

The figures below are shown with PhoneStar improved efficiency.



Closed wooden beamed ceiling

BHG BodenHolzGeschlossen (FloorWoodClosed)

Output value impact sound L'n,w,R=75 dB

Output value airborne sound R'w,R=46 dB



Beamed ceiling

BHS BodenHolzSichtbar (FloorWoodVisible)

Output value impact sound L'n,w,R=82 dB

Output value airborne sound R'w,R=26 dB




BHB BodenHolzBrettstapel (FloorWoodBrettstapel)

Output value impact sound L'n,w,R=76 dB

Output value airborne sound R'w,R=42 dB



Old closed wooden ceiling with plug-in module

BHA BodenHolzAlt (FloorWoodOldCeiling)

Output value impact sound L'n,w,R=66 dB

Output value airborne sound R'w,R=49 dB

The specified impact and airbone sound insulation are primarily a comparison of the installations and may vary in individual cases.


* Please note the following information of the given sound insulation datas and other

  techincal specifications.


Upgrading impact and airborne sound insulation

Further improvements can be achieved through specific structures for wooden ceilings.

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