One family house in Heilsbronn

The former exhibition rooms of the christmas crib workshop were here
- in own contribution -
transformed into comfortable living roomes.

PowerFloor Slimline floor heating on the ground floor

Due to the low ceiling height PowerFloor Slimline is built into the ground floor Floor Power and then tiled.

PowerFloor Slimline laid...
PowerFloor Slimline laid...
grounded ...
grounded ...
and finally plugged up.
and finally plugged up.

PowerFloor Slimline lay-out

Floortiles as final covering

The builder-owner chose tiles as final covering, which he laid himself - as well as the underfloor heating.

The builder-owner met his claims:
Improved sound insulation and the installation of a modern floor heating upstairs, as well as the installation of a floor heating (PowerFloor Slimline) on the ground, despite low ceiling height. 

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