What we do & how we do it

The 2004, by Richard and Michael Wolf in Heilsbronn founded company Wolf Bavaria GmbH, produces and distributes innovative and dried system-solutions for raw ceilings - made of concrete or wood - across Europe, Asia, and the U.S.A. With our worldwide subsidiaries in Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Hungary, our staff consists out of 100 high qualified colleagues who provide planners, specialist retailers, and processors of the prefab house industry with underfloor heating solutions together with practical, reasonable, easily convertible, as well as affordable and well thought through solutions in the footfall and airborne sound insulation industry.


Management (left to right): Dipl. Ing. Michael Wolf and Dipl. Ing. Richard Wolf

The perfectly synchronized, modularly applicable and combinable, high quality systems consist out of the repeatedly awarded footfall and airborne sound insulating dry screed boards PhoneStar for floors, ceilings, and walls, accompanied by the energy efficient, simply regulating under floor heating system PowerFloor. The Wolf-Systems are built in completely dry and allow, based on its modularity, a thickness of only 9-54mm. Especially airports and households in surrounding towns and cities utilize our systems in their roofs and roof slopes to experience a drastically enhanced reduction of noise, which again increases the livability of people living in those areas. You can also benefit from our innovative systems in your own home for ideal soundproofing (PhoneStar) and immediate warmth (PowerFloor). We would be happy to assist you in a personal consultation. 


Ecological Sustainability

For the purpose of economical sustainability, we value and preferably use environment-friendly raw materials originating our regional suppliers.
Therefore, corrugated board and quartz sand are our economically sustainable elements for the sound insulating dry screed-solution PhoneStar. Our products are used for new- as well as old-buildings. During the renovation process and the classical reconstruction of an old-building, experts can effortlessly install our system-solutions PhoneStar- and PowerFloor-boards.


Innovative Product-Development



We, the Wolf Bavaria GmbH, are consequently working on optimizing our established products and the development of new innovative products. As a result, we developed soundproof boards not only enhancing the insulating property but also offering protection from electromagnetic radiation.