Wolf Bavaria supports social projects within the limits of its capabilities upon request. Projects of this matter must clearly aim for charitable or social intentions and have to comprise services or deliveries of goods in the fields of Sound Insulation or panel heating. Sponsoring commitments of this kind are evaluated individually and are exclusively up to Wolf Bavaria LLC's decision.

Sponsoring of the 1.FC Sachsen Men 30 Tennis-Team















Promotion to the District League of the Sachsen Men 30 Team 2015


Donation to the Day-Care in Großhaslach - Newspaper Article by the Local Press

Day-Care "Kunterbunt" ("higgledy-piggledy") celebrates their 20th Anniversary and the Opening of the Crib-Addition 


"On Saturday, May 17th 2014 at 2:30pm, the time had come. Accompanied by warm and dry weather, Rita Schuster and the KiTa Team celebrated their 20th anniversary and  the opening of the new Crib-Addition. Petersaurach's mayor Lutz Egerer congratulated, in attendnace of roughly 100 guests and 30 kids, to 20 years of succesful existence and praised the new addition as an investion for the future. Constructional planner and 2nd mayor Ulrich Hufnagel amplified the new crib-addition: On a base of 176 m², with a 781 m³ attached construction, a 304.000.- Euro sponsoring allowed for the 361.000.- Euro expansion that accomodates 12 more kids. Wolf Bavaria LLC, headquartered in Heilsbronn, saw this as an opportunity to donate 2.000.- Euro for the purpose of supporting the local kids. Additional donations came from the Engineering Office Hufnagel, Küchen Reddy Ansbach (1.300.- €), the friend's association (1.000.- €), as well as the "Free Electors"-Party."