Housing and Industrial Sound Insulation

The housing of sound emitting production machines or units is very easy with PhoneStar. For this purpose, stator shells are made of metal or wooden stands surrounding the machine. The stands are laminated in one or several layers with PhoneStar sound insulation boards, insulated with mineral wool and provided with an impact-resistant finish (OSB, ESB, chipboards, cement-bound particle boards, megapan, etc.). In the interior of this construction, perforated plates with non-woven lamination for sound absorption can be used in addition. A double wallboard of this design, which is doubled with PhoneStar, reduces the initial sound pressure up to 60 dB. The values given can be achieved and are to be considered individually for each project.

Housing of a Production-Machine

Housing the fan of a large underground air-conditioning unit

Oben offen zur Wärmeableitung

Open ceiling for a better heat dissipation