Layout Plan - It's That Easy

We take care of your room planning and give you an Installation Plan for free*

Fußbodenheizung Trockenbau

Installation Plan Example


How to read the plan? We have marked following:


  • red - The Element you start off with
  • green - The Elements necessary to alter 
  • red-blue - Distributor-Connection

*Required is a scaled outline in dwg or dxf-format in order to create an Installation Plan. If not scaled outlines and freehand sketches are provided, we will bill you the transformation to the appropriate CAD-format.

Application and Processing

Trockenbau Fußbodenheizung

*Example of Application


The extended PowerFloor Slimline Application-Manual is indispensably to be read. Before laying out our boards, the surface must be load-bearable, dry, clean, and plane.


  1. Application of Edge Insulation Strips to all rising construction parts
  2. Placing PowerFloor elements according to the layout plan and sticking it to the ground
  3. After the lay out process of the PowerFloor elements the composite pipes have to be clicked in starting from the distributor and getting it connected by a specialist

What final layers can be applicated on PowerFloor?

Floatingly laid floor-systems or any bonded flooring, e.g. Solid wood parquets, tiles, natural stone or even soft linings, e.g. linoleum, can be installed on PowerFloor Slimline. The detailed PowerFloor Slimline processing instructions must be observed.